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Cops frown on green thumbs

  A 65 year-old told the Drug & Booze Agency (DBA) she did not know it was illegal to grow big quantities of cannabis without a permit.   The DBA Cops took Agnes Arber in for questions.   See More - Green Thumbs

  When released, she found TV crews camped outside her home. "Gosh, a reporter explained how DBA cop ghouls confiscated my plants. I don’t think $500,000 was the street value," claims the green thumb spinster.

  Allegedly, Agnes sold plants to a fake hemp broker to use as twine in artisanal macramé designs.   The plants are now in the DBA storage center and may be used as evidence against her in a court of law.

  Agnes is charged with unlicensed cannabis cultivation and faces up to one year in the slammer.   She hopes for just a small fine and a slap on the wrist since she likes to keep busy making quilts and weaving.   ●   Click to Close