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Mobile Medical House Calls

Leave your disease at home. Like hailing a car driver for quick trips. Many folks want medical care convenience with a mobile van medical exam room. So, the x-ray machine and blood bank lab is brought to you.   Read More - House Calls

Experts think this is a good money saving idea and protects public health. In this way, a sickly person does not bring more germs to the hospital, where more feeble folks are treated. If you are sick, stay home. Do not come sick to the hospital. A med-van sent to your house seems like a bright idea.

Private insurance companies hold sway on the grab for healthcare fees. They even seek to influence leaders. Maybe that is why centralized care favors elite and fewer medical service providers.

A long time ago government paid medical insurance was less than 25 percent of the total, according to a basic review of data information. Way back then only six percent of the folks did not have insurance coverage. And medical doctors still provided house calls, like a plumber who comes to fix leaks.   ♥   Click to Close