Online ads are viewable in a select geographic location.
Print and online advertising works.

Touch & Feel – Posticard flyers get in real hands as folks reach for it. They touch, read, or save the card for later. Put print ads smartly to work in the mail. Space share lowers DIY ad costs so you benefit.

Direct or EDDM® Mail

Cork board card posts inspired the website and flyers.

Business “biz” Cards Style – It is easy to start our affordable service! Put your biz card or other graphics on a printed mailer and on our website. Scan, email, or send it in to us soon!

Delivery – The US post office distributes Posticards via its “every door direct mail (EDDM)” service in select zip codes or to the specific addresses that we supply.

Print flyers get distributed via the post office.

About Ad Sizes – Besides regular business cards, we  format square and slim banner styles to use on printed mailers and our website. Ads include border style choices. Displays vary in size by device or user settings.

Slim Style Banner Ad – About half the biz card size, it has a slim rectangular shape. It is about 3.25″ x .875″ in print size.

Square Ad – Also, about half a “biz” card size, square ads are approximately 1.75″ x 1.75″ in print size.

Get your business card on 500 printed flyer cards..
Be on 500 Posticard flyers in the mail.
Be seen in print and online.

Please provide 300 dpi graphics (gif, jpg, pdf, png) for best results. Prices shown are for your “ready to use” graphics. Our design services start at $39 an hour.

Online Ads Bonanza

Geographic Marketing – Have an online ad visible in a neighborhood or several zip codes.

Get Great Deals – Decide online ad days (45, 90, 180) to set a price. Select a card size/style for your needs. To order, scroll down to and click or tap the buy button.

Ad geo-target radius is circular.
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Attractive online ad rates for cost-saving marketing.
Tap to see EDDM® Flyer Sample 11" x 6"
Stamps are more than 5¢ these days.

Order Business Cards – Need biz cards? Try our print services. At one price, we put the cards in your hands and post the card ad online for 45, 90, 180 days, or more!

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