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Business “Biz” Card – Provide us a biz card. Scan or email it, or send it in the mail and let us scan it.

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Banner Ad – Half or more the size of a biz card, it gets noticed.

Please provide 300 dpi graphics (gif, jpg, png) for best results. Or, ask about our custom design fee.

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Cube Ad – About half the vertical size of a biz card, cube ads fit in tight print spots and online displays.

Prices are subject to change.

Touch & Feel – Posticards get in hands as folks reach for it. They touch, read or save the card for later. Put print ads to work in the mail. Space share lowers DIY ad costs and you benefit.

Delivery – The US Postal Services delivers Posticards in select Zip Codes on various mail routes.

Call/Text: (541) 490-9269